What the Medical Profession has to say

"Central to the development of the craniofacial trauma and reconstruction multidisciplinary group has been the integration of Joe into the service. His knowledge and vision has been a major driver and he has made a massive contribution to the group. His knowledge of trauma orthoptics is encyclopaedic and he has contributed two chapters to our textbooks. He delivers high quality patient care and attends both our acute clinic and revision clinic delivering this at first point of contact. He is immensely popular with patients and colleagues at all levels. I would never embark on a major reconstruction without his opinion."

"Joe is an outstanding member of our multidisciplinary trauma team and provides vital orthoptic support. His kind manner and attention to detail is appreciated by patients and colleagues alike. I, together with my MDT colleagues always value his input into our complex decision making and, further, appreciate his keen sense of work ethic."

"Having worked with him for many years, I cannot speak highly enough of Joe McQuillan. He is not simply a highly capable, professional clinician, but also he is an individual that patients find exceptionally approachable and personable. His orthoptic expertise has been invaluable, not only in managing patients with diplopia or squint, but also in a wide range of conditions, including thyroid eye disease and following orbital fractures."

"Joe McQuillan is truly the best Orthoptist I have ever worked with. He is so patient, intelligent and good at his job. Children love him and he gets all the information I require as an ophthalmologist. Not to say the others were not good, but Joe McQuillan stands out above."

"Joe McQuillan is an experienced, highly skilled orthoptist with a natural ability to put any patient at ease. He is clearly expert in dealing with patients who require an orthoptist-led approach to the management of their condition, although I also have every confidence in basing my surgical management of patients on his orthoptic reports. I have no hesitation in recommending him as an orthoptist."

"I have known Joe for 9 years and he is an excellent orthoptist. He has a young family himself and many of the parents of my patients note that he is excellent in developing a rapport  with children and encouraging them to co-operate in tests. This is particularly important as several have struggled with other orthoptists. He is always positive and smiling and I have only positive things to say about him"

"Joe is a highly experienced Orthoptist and he supervises the Orthoptic team at The Royal London Hospital, giving his expert advice on complicated paediatric ophthalmology and neuro-ophthalmology cases. He has been an asset to our team and can bring considerable skills both as a highly experienced Orthoptist but also to any post he undertakes."

"Joe had dealt with some complicated and difficult post refractive surgery patients for Advanced vision care. I was impressed by his methodical and meticulous clinical approach to solve complex issues. Our patients and all our opticians have high regard for his orthoptic skills and his lectures are highly appreciated by all our optom partners. We have a very productive clinical association with him and the patients have immensely benefitted by his advice and treatment."

"I work with Joe privately at Great Ormond Street Hospital, where I have a super-specialty practice in paediatric vitreoretinal surgery. Joe is extremely good with children, always has a smile on his face and my patients are very comfortable with him. Joe's orthoptic assessment is a critical part of the clinical evaluation of my patients, and his thoroughness and clinical excellence is a key part of this. I have no hesitation in recommending Joe."

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